Enjoy singing the family song!


A family, a family,
what, what, what is a family?
A family, a family,
what is a family?
Brothers, sisters, a mum or a dad
hanging out, spending time,
much fun do we have.
Soccer with your uncle,

fishing with your aunt,

grandpa sure does like to dance.

There´s a family of fish living in the see
a family of monkeys up in a tree.
There´s a family of ducks playing in the mud
and a family of bugs on a flower bud.
Sometimes they are near,
sometimes they are far.
They are still your family
wherever they are.

Families are sweet,
families are fun
All around the world
We are a family of one.
We are, we are,
we are all a family
we are, we are
we are all a family.

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